You Can Live Well Now One Step at a Time

My big secret for getting back into shape is the treadmill and the elliptical machine. One step at a time, piece by piece I am getting back into good physical shape. I am on a mission to walk at least 10,000 steps each day.  Here is a tip I am going to try that may help you also. Starting at 12pm each day, I am going to walk in place for 5 minutes at the top of each hour. It is good to get up and move throughout the day and a 5 minute break once an hour is very manageable (in my mind).  Check back here next week and I will give you my step count day by day for the week.
Be consistent, success comes when you remember how to eat the elephant.
So often, people look for the grand thing. The big gesture and the big result that will turn life around and miraculously solve all their problems. Miracles happen, they happen every day, I am a church girl so of course I believe that. At the same time, I know that faith without works is dead. So, as I work toward getting back into good physical condition, I am taking the same approach that one takes to eating an elephant. You can eat an elephant if you do it a bite at a time. I know that I will get back into good physical shape one step at a time.  I am confident in my ability to reach my fitness goals and to be happy along the way.  I know it will not be easy. I know there will be days when I do not want to see the gym. But, I have a destination in mind and I am confident I will get there.
As you begin or continue a journey of your own to get into good physical condition be encouraged. Know that if it is hard, so what,you have done other hard things. Don’t think about all the weight you have to lose or how many dress sizes you need to shrink. As you have read this article, you have not heard me mention how many pounds I need to get rid of or the dress size I am trying to reach. Instead, I am concentrating on one day at a time, one round at a time on the treadmill. One healthy meal at a time. There is a reason they saying “one day at a time” is so popular among people trying to reach goals and get things done. It is because one day at a time is manageable and reasonable. So, while it is important to know your big picture, it is also important to pay attention to the little steps along the way.
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If you want to get into good physical condition, and have not started doing anything about it. let today be the day. Write down your dreams when it comes to getting into good physical shape. Write down why you want to get into better physical condition. Make note of what good physical shape is to you. Each person has their own ideas and definitions. Write down how would like to weigh, what size you would like to wear and the things you would like to do. Be sure to look at the list on a regular basis and amend it if needed. Keep in mind that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So get a plan and then start moving.